Salad With Cheese For Weight Loss

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This salad with cheese for weight loss is hardly a recipe and it’s very strait forward.

Using quality ingredients for this cheese salad for weight loss is crucial. So, use fresh, crunchy salad, sweet and juicy tomatoes and good tasting cheese. If the cheese you are using is not very flavorful, add some salt to it to bring out the flavor.

For this low fat cheese salad for weight loss I used low fat cheese that holds it’s shape nicely. But even cottage type of cheese will work.

This easy cheese salad for weight loss is the best to make when you don’t know or can’t be bothered to cook. It comes together in minutes and has ton of flavor!

And for this best cheese salad for weight loss you can use arugula to add more flavor. You can sprinkle over some toasted sesame seeds or chili too. For me, the taste of olive oil is very important. And so far, any Greek olive oil has been the best!

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Salad With Cheese For Weight Loss



Total time




  • 1 smaller green salad

  • Handful cherry tomatoes

  • ¼ cucumber

  • 150 gr low fat cheese

  • Salt

  • 1 tbsp olive oil

  • Apple cider vinegar


  • Wash and cut salad into bite size chunks. Wash and cut cucumber into half moon chunks and tomatoes into halves.
  • Place everything into a bowl, season and top with chunks of cheese.
  • Enjoy right away!

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