Desserts, Serbian recipes

How To Make Pasta Dessert

I am back in grandmas kitchen. And couldn’t be happier! And first recipe we are sharing is the mind-blowing how to make pasta dessert or pasta with walnuts. This is a traditional Serbian pasta recipe from north Serbia – Vojvodina. For this sweet pasta we used brown sugar but you can use white or even […]


Almond Rolls

These almond rolls are the softest, fluffiest rolls with the caramel topping. This is a Swedish recipe which I discovered relatively recently, about two years ago. And since then I bought and made them often. They are up there with the classic Swedish cinnamon rolls and that says a lot! For the filling for these […]


Saffron Spiral Bread With Almond Paste

When it comes to holiday baking this saffron spiral bread with almond paste is the ultimate choice! Nothing says Christmas like the smell of warm saffron bread and almond paste! For the filling for this Christmas sweet bread I used almond paste. You can make it without the filling and it will still taste great. […]