Cauliflower Soup

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This is a great dinner option for weight loss! This cauliflower soup is light but also filling and very satisfying!

It’s an easy soup for weight loss to make when you just want something quick. You can also use frozen vegetables which would make the process even easier.

For this vegan cauliflower soup, I used dried parsley and dill. Both for flavor but they also make the soup look more interesting visually. Dill especially gives a lot of taste to the soup.

To serve this best soup for weight loss, I like to use low fat Greek yogurt. And if I’m in Serbia then fermented milk is my first choice!

You can also serve salad with this best cauliflower soup. The more I eat green salad, the more I want to eat it. So, now it’s not weird for me to have it with soup eighter.

This best weight loss soup comes together in minutes. Cooking time depends on how thick your potato chunks are. You an also prepare it ahead of time.

This is one of the easy soup recipes for weight loss. If you would like to see more, leave me a comment and let me know!

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Cauliflower Soup

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Total time




  • 1 smaller cauliflower

  • 1 small potato

  • 1 carrot

  • 1 tbsp dry parsley

  • ½ tbsp dry dill

  • Salt

  • Greek yogurt or fermented milk for serving


  • Cut cauliflower into smaller florets. Chop carrot and potato into smaller chunks.
  • Place all the ingredients into a medium size pot. Add water just below the vegetables.
  • Bring to boil, then reduce the heat to simmering point. Cook until potatoes are cooked through.
  • Remove from the heat. Add in dry herbs and season with salt.
  • Blend until smooth using a hand blender.
  • Serve warm with some fermented milk on top and enjoy!

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