Easiest Weight Loss Snack

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For snack I like something simple and easy to make. And this easiest weight loss snack is perfect example. It comes together in minutes, tastes like a dessert (perks of eating clean) and is very satisfying!

Of course, use any apple for this tasty weight loss snack. I love tart and juicy Granny Smith kind. And then I like to cover it with cinnamon. This is what helps transform a simple apple into a very exciting one. Warming earthy aroma of cinnamon is just irresistible. Cinnamon helps with weight loss and so I use it where ever I can!

This easy apple weight loss snack can be done using any other fruit that goes well with cinnamon, like pears, berries and oranges and kiwi. All of these are great for weight loss too!

When you have a tasty snack like this healthy apple snack you have no excuse but to eat healthy!

For variation and different texture, sometimes I like to grate the apple. This healthy apple and cinnamon snack then taste almost like a apple pie filling.

Apples are low in calories which is why they are great to be used during weight loss. A snack like this apple and cinnamon weight loss snack I like to have early in the day. Even though apples are low in calories they still have sugar and you want to burn in while you are most active in the day.

If you enjoyed this apple and cinnamon healthy snack, leave me a comment and let me know!

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Easiest Weight Loss Snack

Course: Desserts, Healthy Desserts, Vegan, Vegeterian, Weight Loss Recipes


Total time




  • 1 Granny Smith apple

  • 1 tsp cinnamon


  • Wash then cut apple into chunks. Place in a bowl. Sprinkle over with cinnamon and enjoy!

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