Pear Dessert

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The way the food looks is just as important to me as the taste itself! Which is why, I like to put a little effort into making my snacks look pretty! Nd this pear dessert is the perfect example!

In Sweden, I find that the best pears, for this pear dessert, are the Conference sort. And I like them very ripe and juicy. Especially for this weight loss snack with fruit. When you use few ingredients you want them all at their best!

Since much of the nutrients – vitamins and minerals are in the skin, I kept it on. It adds more visual interest to the dish too.

You can use other spices for this fruit and nut snack for weight loss, but simple cinnamon goes perfect in my opinion.

For nuts, for this healthy snack with pears, I like to use almonds or walnuts. Chopped and sprinkled on top.

If I don’t have lemon then I like to use a little bit of apple cider vinegar to add more flavor to this fruit snack for weight loss. Citrus brings out the sweetness even more and adds more depth to the dish.

If you like simple snack recipes like this healthy snack with pears and almonds, leave me a comment and let me know!

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Pear Dessert

Course: Desserts, Healthy Desserts, Weight Loss Recipes


Total time




  • 2 juicy Conference pears

  • 10 almonds

  • Cinnamon

  • ½ Lemon juice


  • Cut almonds into quarters.
  • Wash and cut pears into smaller chunks. Place in a serving bowl.
  • Sprinkle some lemon juice and cinnamon over the chopped pears. Lastly top with the pieces of almonds.
  • Enjoy right away!

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