Gingerbread Cheesecake Recipe

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And of course, I had to post a gingerbread cheesecake recipe. The cutest dessert for the holidays! This one is just so fun to make and so easy too!

I used gingerbread cookies for this no bake new years cheesecake. But any cookies you like will do!

To put these no bake cheesecake with gingerbread glasses together I use piping bag, but you can use two spoons if it’s easier!

This gingerbread cheesecake recipe is for four and you will have half of the caramelized milk left over. If you want to use it all up, just double the amount of cheese filling and you will have eight glasses to make for this gingerbread cheesecake.

And don’t let this cheesecake with gingerbread sit for too long before serving, because then the cookies will get too soft and mushy.

I like to serve this gingerbread cheesecake no bake in individual glasses. But you can also layer it in a smaller baking tin.

If you liked this gingerbread cheesecake with mascarpone, and would like to see more easy desserts like this, leave me a comment and let me know!

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Gingerbread Cheesecake Recipe



Total time




  • 250 gr mascarpone cheese

  • 200 gr heavy cream

  • 2 tbsp powdered sugar

  • 1 tsp vanilla

  • 100 gr caramelized milk

  • 15 gingerbread cookies


  • In a big bowl place mascarpone, heavy cream, sugar and vanilla and mix until combined and to the thickness you prefer.
  • Take the caramelized milk out of the can, place in a bowl, and mix with a spoon until smooth.
  • Cover bottom of each glass with some of the cheese filling. Top with a teaspoon of the caramelized milk, a gingerbread cookie. And then repeat the process until you use up all of the ingredients.
  • Finish off with some gingerbread crumbs on top.
  • Leave in the fridge for just a couple of minutes before serving so that the gingerbread cookies soften a bit.
  • Enjoy!

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