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This healthy mac and cheese is my moms recipe. Throughout my childhood my mom was not cooking that much. I actually don’t remember seeing her in the kitchen often. But I remember those few dishes she would make, and this creamy and light mac and cheese is one of them.

I remember her using all kinds of pasta for this baked mac and cheese easy. I prefer using smaller short cut pasta for this kind of one pan meal.

For cheese for this baked mac and cheese with feta, I used Greek feta cheese. But you can use cottage cheese or even grated yellow cheese if you want that pulling cheese moment! I like stumbling upon salty pieces of feta throughout the mild tasting creamy pasta. Feta gives so much character and I like using it in recipes like this one.

To keep it on a healthier side this is baked mac and cheese no egg. But if you want richer taste, you can always mix in one egg with the crème fraiche and feta and then bake.

For the creamy component for this baked mac and cheese no heavy cream, I used crème fraiche, but even sour cream will work well.


You can serve this healthy baked mac and cheese with veggies. My mom usually serves it with green salad and a simple olive oil, vinegar and salt dressing. For the most part I keep it really simple and add just plain cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

Sometimes I eat this healthy mac and cheese with veggies baked. I like the contrast of the top brown parts which are more crunchy and the creamy inside. And sometimes, I cook pasta until al dente, mix it with the crème fraiche and feta and have it like that.

You can also turn this into a dessert. Just mix in some sugar before baking or sprinkle some on top afterwards. It tastes delicious!

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Healthy Mac And Cheese

Course: One-pan Meals, Savory dishes


Total time




  • 350 gr short cut pasta

  • 300 gr crème fraiche (pavlaka, gräddfil)

  • 100 gr feta cheese


  • Cook pasta 1 minute shorter than al dente. Drain.
  • To almost cooked through pasta add crème fraiche and crumbled feta cheese. Mix until combined.
  • Place in a smaller (15x15cm) oven form.
  • Bake in the preheated oven at 180 °C for around 20-30 minutes or until top is golden brown.
  • Serve warm, as is or with a simple salad on a side.

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