Fermented Milk With Flax Seeds

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This is one savory snack for weight loss – fermented milk with flax seeds. Sometimes I prefer a savory snack during day. I feel like it keeps my blood sugar level. After eating fruit sometimes I feel like having more fruit or even something sweet. But after a savory snack I always feel satisfied and calm. 😀

This is also a very easy snack recipe for weight loss. Flax seeds help with digestion and have an interesting texture too.

Instead of the fermented milk for this easy snacks for weight loss you can use yogurt. Just use low fat kind. Fermented milk has little stronger taste and just a very interesting texture and flavor I enjoy and miss so much when I’m not in Serbia!

If you enjoyed this snacks with flax seeds for weight loss, leave me a comment and let me know!

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Fermented Milk With Flaxseeds

Course: Breakfast, Desserts, Healthy Desserts, Savory dishes, Serbian recipes, Vegeterian, Weight Loss Recipes


Total time




  • Ingredients

  • 300 gr fermented milk or yogurt

  • 1 tbsp ground flax seeds


  • Place fermented milk into a bowl. Mix in ground flax seeds and enjoy!

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