Healthy banana popsicles with toppings

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This is such a brilliant recipe – healthy banana popsicles with toppings!

It is easy and quick to make, versatile, healthy and pretty cheap. You can even experiment using different fruit.

For this banana popsicles recipe all you need is some bananas, chocolate and any toppings you like.

Since these are Healthy banana popsicles with toppings, I was trying to keep these banana popsicles recipe healthy. So, I used nuts and fruit. Even dried fruit would be nice. But you can use pretzels, sprinkles and caramel if you prefer. These would be also good served with a side of ice cream.

You can make these banana popsicles homemade recipe using whole bananas but I think these smaller popsicles are cute and perfect size for a healthy snack or dessert.

It would be even nice to mix different chocolate type for these banana chocolate popsicles. Especially drizzled white chocolate on top of dark would work good together!

These are perfect easy no bake banana desserts. For lazy days when you want something healthy and satisfying! If you don´t want to bother with the ice cream sticks, you can just cut bananas into slices, drizzle chocolate over and sprinkle the toppings. Sometimes I don´t even wait for chocolate to harden. These are delicious both ways!

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Healthy banana popsicles with toppings



Total time




  • 3 bananas

  • 90 gr dark chocolate

  • 50 gr white chocolate

  • 50 gr milk chocolate

  • 1 tsp frozen raspberry bits

  • 1 tsp shredded coconut

  • 2 tsp chopped hazelnuts

  • 1 tsp chopped pistachios

  • 9 wooden ice cream sticks


  • Place each type of chocolate into a smaller plate. Then place each plate on top of a small pot filled 1/3 of the way with water. Bring water to boil, then reduce to simmering point. Stir chocolate until completely melted.
  • Cut bananas into three parts. Place a wooden stick inside a piece of banana.
  • Dip two of the popsicles into milk chocolate, two into white chocolate and five into dark chocolate. Remove the excess chocolate.
  • Then roll milk chocolate popsicles into pistachio chunks, white chocolate into raspberry bits, two of the dark chocolate into coconut and three into peanut chunks.
  • Place all onto a small tray lined with baking paper. Leave in the fridge until chocolate hardens.
  • Enjoy!

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