Healthy yoghurt dessert

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We have been travelling to Greece, every summer for years. I remember two times we decided to go elsewhere. Don´t get me wrong, Malta and Amalfi were breathtakingly beautiful. Amalfi is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! But summer is not the same without a trip to Greece.

Natural beauty of Greece leaves no one indifferent. It actually brought me to tears a few times. There are not many places in the world where you can vines such striking views and then go and order food from not far away.

On topic of food, Greek food is just as unpretentious and effortless as their way of living with nature. Often presented in the raw form or cooked simply with a few ingredients. When land gives you most flavourful produce there is not much work left but to present and enjoy it in the most beautiful way.

The recipe I am sharing today is one of those simple and effortless ones. Just use good quality ingredients, most importantly use Greek honey.

Every time when we are going home from Greece, I buy as much honey as I can carry. And it is never enough! There really is nothing like it.

Healthy yoghurt dessert

Course: Desserts, Healthy Desserts


Total time




  • 800 gr Greek yoghurt

  • 4 tbsp Greek honey

  • 4 handfuls walnuts

  • handful of mint leaves


  • Divide yoghurt between four serving glasses.
  • Drizzle over with a spoonful of honey over each.
  • Sprinkle with some whole or roughly chopped walnuts and decorate with a few mint leaves.
  • Enjoy!

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