Strawberry tiramisu

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Because of this strawberry tiramisu I wish summer would last all year long! It has a light taste, it´s not too sweet and is layered with fresh juicy and a little tart strawberries. Sound like a dream, right!?! This is definitely my favorite cake to make during summer! And it is so easy to make. Especially because I am not using eggs or gelatin.

I like that you can´t taste cheese in this cake. Mascarpone gives smooth texture and is firm enough so you don´t need to use gelatin. So, all you can taste are lovely clouds of juicy biscuits and filling stuffed with strawberries.

To serve I like to add even more fresh strawberries. And it looks beautiful on a plate to have extra fruit!

This cake lasts for around three days, or so I heard! 😀 It does but in my house it can´t last that long.

Strawberry tiramisu

Strawberry tiramisu

Course: Desserts


Total time




  • 500gr strawberries + 10-15 strawberries for decorating

  • 50gr caster sugar

  • Juice from one lemon

  • 500gr mascarpone cheese

  • 150gr powdered sugar

  • 2dl whipping cream + 4dl for decoration

  • 36 lady finger bisquits


  • Chop strawberries into smaller pieces. Place in a medium size bowl then add sugar and lemon juice. Mix briefly and leave in the fridge for around one hour or until they release their juices.
  • In a medium size bowl place 2 dl whipping cream and using electric mixer mix until fluffy.
  • In a big bowl add mascarpone cheese and powdered sugar. Using a spatula mix just to combine and loosen up the cheese a bit. Add a spoonful of cream and mix to loosen up the mixture even more. Then add the rest of the cream and fold.
  • Drain strawberries and transfer juice to a wide plate.
  • Dip lady finger biscuits one at a time and place on a serving dish in a circle. In the video you can see me using sides of a baking tin to help me form better circle. Use a third of biscuits to cover the bottom.
  • Add a third of the cheese filling and spread around then cover with half of the strawberries.
  • Layer over with second layer of the biscuits, second third of the filling and second half of the strawberries. Finish with last layer of biscuits and last of the filling.
  • Cover and leave in the fridge for at least 4 hours. I left mine over night.
  • Using electric mixer whip cream until fluffy. I was going for “rough” looking coating of cream so I whipped mine well.
  • Spread whipped cream all around the cake using a spatula and decorate with strawberries cut into halves.

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