Tag: dessert


Apple roses

Why did I wait this long to try these out?! I think it´s because I am not a big fan of puff pastry. It´s too airy in most recipes so I don´t feel that it gives much to the recipes. But here, it is flaky on the outside but it also has a bite to it and is doughy on the inside. Also, it´s a plus that these apple roses take minutes to prepare and that your whole house smells like warm apples and cinnamon afterwards!


Vegan chocolate chip cookies

I am not vegan but I had to bake something for a friend who is. And these cookies are absolutely spot on! Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside with runny chocolate chunks – a dream. And the combination of chocolate and salt blows my mind every time! If I didn’t know, I couldn’t have guessed that these are vegan. They taste just as good as any other chocolate chip cookie.


Orange cake

I baked this cake last Saturday and was blown away. It is so aromatic, fluffy and moist even one day after! I think I will have to make it again today because I can’t stop thinking about it!