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Italian fruit cake

This is probably my last recipe where I am baking with fresh summer fruit for this year. This cake was supposed to be with apricots but I couldn’t find any good ones so I opted for the nectarines. But, you can use plums with plum jam, berries would be nice too.


Strawberry meringue

There are still strawberries everywhere and I just can not resist! I love them fresh, on its own or as a part of a simple dessert like this one. When it comes to meringue, I am not a fan of the marshmallow like meringues. I like it completely dry of a little chewy. This one is chewy on the inside and dry on the outside.


Orange cake

I baked this cake last Saturday and was blown away. It is so aromatic, fluffy and moist even one day after! I think I will have to make it again today because I can’t stop thinking about it!